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  • What locations does Chef Vee Rich mainly serve?
    Chef Vee Rich is international!
  • How do I book a Chef Vee Rich experience?
    Visit, click on Catering, and submit your request using the contact form. You can also shoot Chef Vee Rich a DM on Instagram.
  • Is there a rescheduling policy?
    If you need to reschedule, Chef Vee Rich will accommodate the change based on her availability. Deposits are NON-refundable.
  • What can I expect as a part of the Chef Vee Rich experience?
    Punctuality, excellent service, impeccable presentation, professionalism, and dope vibes!
  • How do I make payments for a Chef Vee Rich experience?
    You will receive an invoice for payment.
  • Is there a refund policy?
    Absolutely no refunds. Deposits are also non-refundable. You can reschedule your event according to Chef Vee Rich's availability.
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